Digital level 400mm 16"angle level Digital Protractor AS60-LC

Digital level 400mm 16inch angle level Digital Protractor

Brand Name : APOLIZ
Model Name : Digital Level length 150mm
Model Number : AS60-LC

360 Degree Range Angle Finder Spirit Level Upright 4 Magnets
Inclinometer 400mm 16inch Digital Level / 0.1°

16" Digital Protractor, Angle Finder & Level
with LCD Display High quality with very cheap price

-Length: 16"
-Measuring angle range: 0-225 Degree
-Increase/decrease angle: 0.1 Degree Increments
-Automatically shut o after ve minutes.
-Measuring precision: +-0.5degree
-Digital Accuracy 0.1 degree for all ranges
-Display reading "Hold" function
-Illuminated LCD display

Discount : 15%
Price     : 4,100.00 ฿-