Magnifying Fluorescent Work Light,MF‐TA ‐3X

Magnifying Fluorescent Work Light,MF-TA-3X

Brand Name    : APOLIZ
Model Name    : Magnifying Fluorescent Work Light
Model Number : MF-TA-3X

Model: Apoliz MF-TA-3X 
Magnification times: 3x,5x 
Table Type with Magnifying Table Lamp industrial 
Magnifier with Lamps ordinary glass lens 

Magnification times:3x5x8x10x 
Glasses materials: Optical glasses (white glasses), 
optical son-mother lenses (double multiplication: 
bigger ones are 5* while the smaller ones are 10* 

Light source: 22W circlip fluorescent lamp 
Lenses diameter: 127mm 
Power source: AC 220V/110V

Price : 3,899 ฿-  ( Exclude Vat )